Rushed horse

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- Stretched on canvas over wood
- The product included a modern wood frame
- Ready to hang, the toolkit is attached
- Made by Mia home painting workshop
- Preservation: lightly wipe dust with a dry towel, avoid direct sunlight
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Delivery time:
- Painting: 14 - 30 days.
- Delivery time depends on the location of delivery.

"Rushed horse" represent for a resilient, persistent, forward-thinking, symbol of success and facing the challenge.

With the spirit of majestic express through the brushwork, artists in Mia Home hope that the energy of painting will actively support the development of the owner’s career.

The painting is created with canvas oil, high-end stretch canvas and especially suitable for hanging in the living room and study room, create energy movement for the house. The painting should be placed in the South to maintain the fire energy.

Country of Manufacture Vietnam
Medium Oil
Space Living room
Style Realism
Subject Animal
Size 100 x 100 cm
Color Brown
Material Canvas
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