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Mia Home – Décor your home, décor your life

Modern international art decorates your living space!

Mia Home is a business specializing in providing interior products, especially works of art for decorating houses and real estate projects. Through e-commerce platform, we would like to bring customers more convenient shopping experience and choices.

Visiting miahome.vn, you will easily find artworks in various styles such as classic, impressive, abstract and modern. We are constantly researching and developing products that catch up with modern breath, updating new trends in colors and design to create wonderful artworks. So far we have created more than 300 inspirational artworks for a range of spaces, bringing aesthetic value and positive energy to the house.

Beside original artworks, most of the artworks from Mia Home are done by professional artists, based on various materials such as oil paint, acrylic, prints and other special materials.

Mia Home products

1. Paintings: Oil painting, acrylic and watercolor paintings with various types and subjects are suitable to many spaces

2. Photography artworks

- Photography artworks with copyright are done by well-known photographers

- They are printed in high quality, combined with mat board and frame to enhance the aesthetic value for the works of art.

3. Art prints:

- Using high-end printing technology for photographs, paintings and graphics.

- Being a perfect choice if you want to get quality products with affordable price

4. Acrylic prints:

- Being an ideal choice to get a lively work of art that makes you feel like having a painting.

- Optimizing the budget but still visual effect and artistic values

5. Special materials: lacquer painting, inlaid mother-of-pearl arts, woodblock prints, 3D paintings and others.

Why should choose Mia Home?

Variety of designs

-       With over 300 designs available in a variety of styles and designs, that meets a wide range of business-to-individual needs

-       New products are constantly being updated

Flexible price

-       A lot of service packages and products suiting to the scale and the budget

-       Flexible payment according to schedule

-       More added values

Commitment to quality and timeline

-       The top priority of Mia Home is quality, whether individually or in bulk, in accordance with Mia's quality standards, from materials to finishing

-       The timeline of projects is always guaranteed

Let your living space be more perfect with Mia Home!

Please contact with Mia Home for more information:

Hotline: 028 38 409 809

Email: mia@miahome.vn

Address: 236/43/11 Dien Bien Phu, W.17,  Binh Thanh Dist., HCMC